Tooth Gems

Tooth gems are designed specifically for dental use. Unlike other procedures that involve drilling to place the jewel into the teeth, here, only a small amount of composite material is used to attach the crystal on the tooth.

We only use real Swarovski® Crystal Elements with Platinum Foiling on the back for extra brilliance and protection. Since September 2012, the entire assortment of SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS has switched to the new ADVANCED CRYSTAL standard – a new, innovative lead-free crystal composition, complying with current laws and regulations governing the use of certain substances in finished products.

Tooth gems are a safe fashion accessory for anyone looking to upgrade their smile and can be applied to whichever tooth is desired. They can last for years or be easily removed if you want to restore your original look.

If you’re looking for something unique that will set you apart from the crowd, this chic accent could be the answer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a tooth gem be applied to any tooth surface?

No. A tooth gem cannot be applied to an artificial tooth surface such as crowns, caps, veneers or dentures.

How does the tooth gem stay on the tooth?

Our bonding system has been used within the dental industry for over 25 years with many dentists using similar techniques for attaching braces to teeth. It is perfectly safe, non-damaging, pain free and self-curing.

How long does the application last?

The length of time that a jewel remains adhered to a tooth depends on the habits of the wearer. Stress or pressure applied to the gem due to chewy or crunchy foods, or excessive force while brushing your teeth can result in the detachment of the jewel. The natural acidity of your saliva and diet also plays a big part on how long an application will last.

What if the tooth gem falls off and I swallow it?

All products are tested by leading toxicologists who have reported that there is no risk. If a tooth gem is swallowed, it will simply pass through the system in the normal way with no adverse effect.

What if I decide to remove the tooth gem?

The crystal can be safely removed at any time, however, when a crystal is freshly applied, the bond is at its strongest and may be more difficult to loosen. The proper removal procedure must be followed using dental floss in a downward motion, away from the gumline.

Will a tooth gem leave a mark when removed?

Not usually. It may leave behind a small amount of adhesive, which can be simply and safely removed using dental floss in a downward motion, away from the gumline. However, the longer a tooth gem stays on a tooth, the greater the risk that it will leave behind discoloration.

Will a tooth gem damage the teeth?

Even though tooth gems are completely safe, they are not without their risks. Tooth gems can wear away enamel and collect food particles, causing sensitivity and infection.

Can I clean my teeth while wearing a tooth gem?

A tooth gem should never adversely impact your oral health. It is, however, recommended that you avoid using an electric or ultrasonic toothbrush for the first 24 – 48 hours after the gem is placed. The presence of the tooth gem usually encourages brushing, since it brings more attention to the smile, which helps to prevent plaque from building up around the tooth gem.

Can I still have my teeth cleaned by a dental hygienist?

Yes. A tooth gem will not restrict professional cleaning and should not pose a problem for hygienists who polish your teeth. They should simply clean on top and around the jewel with a soft point to avoid detaching the gem.

Can I whiten my teeth while wearing a tooth gem?

Whitening agents must not be used for at least one week before, and should not resume for 3 weeks after, your tooth gem has been placed.

Can I get a tooth gem if I have allergies to latex or adhesive?

No. Our bonding agents contain both latex and adhesive.

Can a tooth gem be done on a minor?

Even though there are no restrictions, we do not bond tooth gems to minors at this time.

Tooth Gems Aftercare